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Green Hills with Blue Sky



How often do we hear those words, "Make a Difference". What does it mean regarding ourselves?  Are you constantly struggling with defeating thoughts, feelings and behaviors that continually bring you down and struggling to move forward while improving your life? Are you seeking opportunities to begin to gain clarity, heighten your consciousness and committment to yourself while building an authentic sense of self and self esteem? Or you simply want to be a better "You". So "MAKE A DIFFERENCE" in your life!  Allow yourself an opportunity to work with someone who will assist you in exploring yourself in a supportive, integrative and holistic manner that will allow you to take into account aspects of yourself that will lead to deeper awareness and appreciation of your life while developing wholeness and mature wellness.

Engagement is done in a culturally sensitive manner, placing a premium on working in an integrative, insight oriented, spiritually aware manner with individuals, couples, or parents of adolescents seeking help with adjustment to life issues, anger, anxiety and relationship building as well as male mentoring and awareness building.  Adept in working with issues that pertain to race and it's impact on self in relationship to interpersonal relationships and work as well.  So "Make a difference".

Hypnotherapy offered.  

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